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Driving sustainable mobility and sustainable livelihoods


Million Electric Kilometeres Run


CO2 Abatement Run Rate (Tons)


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Empowering sustainable cities to be free of urban transport pollution. 

Mobility of goods and people is the biggest contributor to air pollution nationally. We are committed to being carbon neutral across all our business verticals. We aim to reduce pollution by 10 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to planting 500 million trees by 2026.

Improving the financial wellbeing and health of our driver partners

Our vision to build a driver centric platform stems from our mission of building better livelihoods for drivers, establishing a safe and respectable work environment for them and creating financial inclusion.   We strive to create and empower 100,000 electric vehicle micro-entrepreneurs by 2026.

Building an ethical, transparent and inclusive organization

MoEVing strives to stand on the pillars of respect and freedom, building a bias free environment.

Accelerating EV

India’s largest full stack electric mobility platform agnostic across OEMs , vehicle types & charging technologies

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We are building a driver-centric technology platform with data at the center of its strategy. Bringing the whole EV ecosystem to one place for seamless adoption of EVs.

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