Disrupting Mobility Offering the whole EV Ecosystem

Electric mobility is the biggest revolution in the global automotive ecosystem since the 1920s

Electrification of fleet requires fundamental changes in the operational approach including routing algorithms, charging solutions and financing solutions. Today a driver cum vehicle owner who wants to switch to an electric vehicle faces multiple challenges.


Given our deep sectoral expertise as a team and having managed large fleets that has run over 100 million electric kilometres, we are building a driver-centric technology platform with data at the center of its strategy. Bringing the whole EV ecosystem to one place for seamless adoption of EVs.

Our EV Ecosystem Solutions

Intra-city Last Mile Delivery Services

MoEVing provides a full stack solution to e-commerce, e-grocery, FMCG, logistics and D2C companies, where we are the single point of contact for end-to-end delivery services from customers’ hubs to end-consumer.

Charging as a Service

Charging Spaces by MoEVing and in partnership with other charging partners for vehicle charging, parking and maintenance services.

Driver Cum Owner Solutions

Providing a comprehensive solution to Drivers and Small Fleet Owners to own and operate EVs under the MoEVing brand.

EV Life Cycle Management Solutions

Leveraging data and AI to have deep understanding of vehicle, battery and driver. Using life cycle network data, location data, vehicle analytics and battery insights for better collateral management like predictive maintenance and fleet optimization.

Scaling a Responsible Business that is Internationally Replicable with a High ESG Impact

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